Updates from the front: Routine patrol

Last mistake


It was supposed to be a routine hunt. Pirates, that’s what they told us. They told us the Primarch would be watching over us. Anything to settle our nerves. 
Throne, I even believed them. 
Then we left the docks. That's… that’s when that feeling settled in. Any good armsman knows that feeling; that you know you're on a sinking ship. But it was too late, our humours were up and we had tasted the scent of our prey within a local star system. That was our last mistake…"
[//Drugo, surviving Arms-Man of the Dauntless Blade+]


Commander Ollanius Patton

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
[//Sarcusan saying attributed to Commander Ollanius 'Chesty' Patton+]

Most Imperial Guard regiments possess many traditions and rituals, and the Marine Corps of Sarcusan are no different. One such tradition is the inheritence of the honorific 'Chesty', a reference to a dimly-remembered intercessionary saint, perhaps a corruption or folk myth of a dimly-remembered historical figure. Warriors of the regiment ask for his blessing before resting and after waking.

In the image of this figure, the commanding officer of the regiment is given charge of the entire corps, its men, and its honour. Commander Patton is the current commander of the Sarcusan Marines. He is a decorated veteran with a dearth of experience in boarding and defending actions. 


On one such defensive action, fought between the Orthodox Imperial Navy and the Iron Guard during the struggle for the Cardinal World of Bastion, Patton famously – and single-handedly – killed the raiding Partisan commander with a well placed bolt round.