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The Partisan Chapters: Traitoris Perdita

That words had passed was clear. Intentions and ideas flowed and locked together in an apparently logical fabric. And yet... In the wake of his words, while the threads woven by the Eleven came to intertwine and bind each together with the others, so did it gradually become clear that the weaving taking place had no backing – no warp to the Partisan's weft. 

Is it, then, any wonder that such a fabric proved wanting; that those that sought to know found their ambitions unravelling? The shame is mine; in that I had – for the briefest moment – the power to dispel the dream; to turn these former heroes; these flawed demigods; these Lords and Chapter Masters from their path. 
Ah, I did not. And though the deaths of worlds sits upon me for my weakness; I ask you, with no expectation nor deceit in my heart: could you truthfully say that you did not also wish to know?





+ The Partisans +

Arising with seeming spontaneity from the population of the worlds that came under the sphere of the 'Primarch's' influence – both directly and indirectly – the term 'Partisans' had no clear provenance, nor was it in any sense official or accredited. Rather, it was a makeshift identifier for the waxing and waning forces that allied themselves together in opposition to the Orthodoxy of the High Lords of Terra; a term as mysterious in origin as the False Primarch himself.

Initially used by Naval and Guard forces that declared their support for the Returned Primarch, by the later stages of the war it had come to be a byword for the various Astartes Chapters in conflict with the Pentarchy for their perceived perfidy. Partisan was a term variously embraced and rejected by the mix of Chapters that made up the group.

In all, eleven Chapters were declared Traitoris Perdita by Aramis Enoch on behalf of the Senatorum Imperialis; though muddled records are unclear on whether this incorporated the supposed Legion-remnant led by the False Primarch, or whether the eleven were in addition to the Silver Stars themselves. 


The War of the False Primarch reportedly saw eleven Chapters destroyed by the Pentarchy of Blood; a group of Five Chapters. The story, such as it is, is a brief war, akin to the Badab Wars or Horus Heresy (if rather more asymmerical).

For the majority of denizens in the 41st Millennium, gaps in history are well-ignored – lest you draw the attention of the Inquisition. There are, however, individual obsessive archaeognostics and ragged fact-supremacists – not to mention rather more august organisations like the Hidden Orders of the Adeptus Terra who make it their business to investigate such lacuna in circumspect manner. After all, who is to say what should be hidden from the Administratum?

Thus, we can reveal the few extant vid-captures believed to depict the now-extinct Chapters that followed the so-called False Primarch into oblivion. In alphabetical order:

Argent Heralds


Iron Guard


Jade Talons

Marines Saturnine

Red Fish

Riven Lords

Star Wardens

Storm Tyrants

Void Barons

Wormwood Sons

Viewing of such material, of course, has you marked by the Inquisition – how you react is now down to you...

+ Symbols of the Partisans +

For the first few years of the war, those sympathetic or pledge to the Primarch's service gathered under the Silver Star, symbol of the False Primarch's own 'Legion'. A rotating four-pointed star, the symbol was used indiscriminately, daubed on walls, hoisted alongside the Aquilla, and published in reports. 
The Silver Star, surmounting a Legion helm
The makeshift symbol was retired following the Conclave on Jiam, after which the Four – that is, the first Four Chapters to pledge service – began to bear the Primarch's preferred symbol; the Caputmori. Replacing the twin eagle heads of the Aquilla with a single human skull was a blunt challenge to the High Lords. That the creature was then surmounted upon the laurels of victory was demonstrative of either the ambition – or hubris – of the Legions of old
The Caputmori, gathering mark of the Partisans.

The Captutmori was borne into battle by many of the Partisans – from those afixed to the prow of Naval cruisers to those carried by Guard units, Space Marines and other forces. Many individual Astartes – especially those of the Marines Saturnine – modified or altered their armour to mark their allegiance to the Emperor Through His Son with the symbol. 
Each Chapter Master or representative who pledged to the Silver Stars was granted a Vexillum-Imperialis; a banner, atopped with the Caputmori. Most were Nova-Martian Gold; but, as mark of their extraordinary courage, the Four were granted silver vexilla. The protection or seizure of these extraordinary objects would prompt some of the fiercest fighting, greatest heroism and deepest treachery of the war.
Ever fixated upon symbolism and esoterica, the Silver Stars and their commander inculcated amongst their followers a strong vision of the future; one united under the sole surviving son of the Emperor, in open defiance of Imperial Orthodoxy under the Senatorum Imperialis. 

+ Wh-what's happening? +

A more complete outline of the project can be found through this link: +I want to know+.

The following weeks will bring a variety of stories, in-universe Inquisitorial documents and other missive to you, detailing the Partisan Chapters – along with new doctrina-wafers on those champions of the orthodox, the famed Five Chapters of the Pentarchy of Blood

Alongside these mighty Space Marines will be stories and artwork on the region of space; its worlds, denizens and armies; information on the distant High Lords of Terra; and information on the deepest secrets of all – the identity of the False Primarch and his men.


+ Where do I start? +

With this in mind, you are cordially invited to join the Partisans; posting in the + Some Things Are Left Forgotten + Facebook group and on Instagram, using the following tags:




The guidelines are necessarily short – we want to leave as much space as possible for you to explore within the following loose guidelines. The key things that all Partisan forces have in common are:

  • They all support the claims of the 'Primarch'
  • They are all declared Traitoris Perdita
  • They are all officially destroyed by the end of the war.

....and in terms of modelling, to create some form of visual consistency:
  • All Astartes models are scaled to match the current Primaris figures.
If, after reading this, you decide that you're more enthused about another aspect of the background than the Space Marines of the Partisan Chapters – say one of the numerous Guard, Inquisitiorial, Naval or other orthodox Imperial groups – then keep an eye out, as we have articles planned for each. Colour text and images of political figures in the region are going to be just as important as army pictures. 


+ What do I do? +

  • Build and paint Partisan figures who fit in the M33 period and setting. 
  • Work out why they follow the figure of the False Primarch; or at least how they've got caught up in things.
  • Write stories, draw maps, detail battles, and share them.
  • Share it with the tags #somethingsarebestleftforgotten  #partisanchapters and #warofthefalseprimarch
That's it – anything further can be developed over the coming months. Over the next couple of weeks I will be revealing the two Sectors that form the keystone region of the setting so that your armies and agents have places to fight. Any material that you produce in the interim – names of planets, battles etc. – will be hugely useful as I put things together.

+ A few final notes +

I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

Attr. Roboute Guilliman, at the Convention of Jupiter

Contributors for The Pentarchy of Blood – that is, the Five Chapters who are charged with exterminating the Partisans – have already been found; but it's not exclusive. If you would rather work on one of the 'canon' Chapters (viz. Red Talons, Flesh Eaters, Charnel Guard, Carcharadons and Death Eagles), please feel free. An article for them will appear soon.

You don't have to commit to the project. My hope is simply that this is fun; not another stressor or commitment hanging over you. Whether you build and paint a massive army or a single figure is irrelevant; as long as you enjoy yourself. Similarly, you are not restricted to a single Chapter. If you think you'd like to make some models for other factions, feel free. 

This is a group project, and I encourage you to discuss freely amongst yourselves – I'm here purely to bounce ideas off and to collect things together, so please don't feel that you have to run anything by me to make things 'official'. 

If you know anyone who might be interested in contributing in any way – through models, stories, artworks or illustration (mapmaking, icons etc.), please feel free to share any and all of this information.

This is all intended as a bit of fun – so enjoy!