Warzone: Forbearance

Qabar Kas: No Peace for the Wicked

[//Flesh Eaters plant one their infamous 'warding flags' in Qabar Kas; simple but highly visual marks that nowhere in Partisan space was truly safe from the reach of the High Lords of Terra. +]

While the bulk of the forces of the 'Primarch' marched in Heliopolis, Sector Morqub was far from peaceful during the Sorrowful Years. The Flesh Eaters and Charnel Guard, in particular, were active across the region. In this, Master Enoch's rabid aggression had proven unexpectedly wise. Determined to maintain as much pressure as possible on the Delphurnean League as the bulk of the Pentarchy retreated, the continual threat of raids prevented the Partisan forces from coalescing and co-ordinating. 

[//Sector Morqub. Forbearance lies on the rimwards extent of the Oblitus Subsector, en route to Callais.+]

The Primarch's aims at this point remained hazy – but it was quickly becoming apparent that the 'acquisition' of Astropaths and Navigators was of some priority to the Silver Stars. While the Ordo Astartes and Orthodox High Command puzzled over this, marauding Kill Teams from the Pentarchy sought to disrupt and degrade the Partisan War Machine.

Typical of these bloody skirmishes was that of Forbearance Atlan, in the ruined city of Qabr Kas. 


[//orbis probe omicron-rho ION{ident: battlefield} chron:T0+]

Flesh Eater forces advance from the west, occupying the burnt-out hab-block at the south-west while their sergeant leads two others up a rubble-strewn alleyway. It is at this point that a picket-force of the Silver Stars garrison identifies them and moves to intercept.

Curt battlesign allows the Silver Stars to advance past the bombed-out remains of the recently-consecrated Shrine of the Last True Son.

The Flesh Eaters' wear advanced Imperial armour – with hindsight, these were likely requisitioned from the Chapter vaults, perhaps to cope with demands placed on the Chapter during their rapid recruitment. The armour's distinctive 'Killsight' mechanisms allow for mid-range scrutiny.

The Silver Stars, meanwhile, rely on archaic Mark II Crusade Armour. While powerful and reliable, its use in the vicious Astartes-on-Astartes conflicts of the War of the False Primarch proved the superiority of the later, more advanced armour marks. 

Nevertheless, the disparity was minor and granular – in certain circumstances the blunt mass and resilience of the Crusade suit weighed in its favour. Unfortunately for the Silver Stars in the skirmish, fighting in built-up areas relied heavily on reaction speed and awareness – elements of warfare that the Imperial suit favoured. Pictured are a Flesh Eater and Silver Star trading fire. Even with the benefit of cover, the Silver Star is rendered combat non-viable.


[//orbis probe omicron-rho ION{ident: battlefield} chron:T+12+]

Occupying the high ground, the Silver Stars attempt to make good use of their vantage points, but are frustrated by the thick walls of the ruined city. Over the course of ten minutes, the two sides trade fire, with a number of marines becoming lightly injured. The Silver Stars officer waves his men forward, determined to even the score: the Flesh Eaters' reconnaissance troops have a minor advantage at range, but that might be outweighed up-close. 

Within the ruins, battle turns close-up and deadly. Charging in with a storm of bolts, the Silver Stars carries the injured Flesh Eater over.

Blades, fists and bayonets clash... and the Silver Star stands briefly triumphant over his foe.

... but it is not the end of the story. Unused to Astartes-on-astartes battles, the Silver Star fatefully turns away, allowing the Flesh Eater a last-gasp attack. Even as he expires, the Flesh Eater empties his magazine vengefully into his foe, tearing the Partisan apart.


[//orbis probe omicron-rho ION{ident: battlefield} chron:T+17+]

The surviving Silver Stars have the advancing Flesh Eaters pinned down; the marines in the south separated from those in the north. Fatefully, however, they move off the objectives briefly in order to prosecute the attack. The Flesh Eaters, meanwhile, maintain discipline and mission focus. The Orthodox forces take several injuries; most minor, but have gained the strategic initiative.

In an attempt to regain it, the uninjured Silver Star in the north clambers down the side of the building in an attempt to drive the wounded Flesh Eaters off their objective and out into the street – but a series of fumbles leads to him bleeding out in the alleyway behind the shrine.


[//orbis probe omicron-rho ION{ident: battlefield} chron:T+22+]

A series of brutal exchanges at close range show the advantages of classic armour and weaponry, with the Flesh Eaters' sergeant being reduced to pulp by the advancing Silver Stars. In the south, the Silver Stars sergeant all but guts his opponent in close combat.

Near-blind and choking on blood, the Flesh Eater valiantly breaks away and attempt to shoot down the sergeant, but the mysterious veteran proves more canny than his squadmate, and simply executes the Pentarchy warrior. 


[//orbis probe omicron-rho ION{ident: battlefield} chron:T+28+]

It proves a hollow consolation, for the Flesh Eaters' attack has delayed the Silver Stars sufficiently for the Orthodoxy to locate and transmit the location of the astropathic choir. Worse for the Silver Stars, the surviving Flesh Eater encrypts the codes before withdrawing; denying the Partisans this seemingly-vital resource.

Victory to the Flesh Eaters on Forbearance, and another grain of sand ticks away for the Partisan cause.


[//Kill Team Caro+]

[//Kill Team Qabar-Kiai+]