Dramatis Personae: Alexander Hale of Myrea

Alexander Hale of Myrea

“Volnoscere brings a new breath to the suffocating body of mankind. The Highlords have asphyxiated the imperium through apathetic greed, and neglect. They have sent fanatical murders to strike us blind and ignorant. We must not close our eyes. To be blinded by narrow scripture. We must want to know more.”
[//Excerpt from the writings of the Partisan scholar, and hero Alexander Hale of Myrea. M.34+]

Referred to by Hektor Tiberiusthe Storm Tyrants' Chapter Master as 'a true force of nature for the Partisan cause', Hale's gifts were compared best not to a driving gale or a bolt of lighting, but the relentless, serene and ever-churning waves of an ocean. Not a fighting man or high-ranked commander, Alexander Hale was calmly unyielding and relentlessly ever present though out the war. He was a man who could defeat armies – not in battle, but by touching their hearts. 

A simple man, he bore the burning passion of an idealist. He was born within the Myrean League, a group of planets that had been carefully nurtured, under the jealous and obsessive auspices of the Iron Tyrants, for a number of centuries. Their aim was to create a utopia based on a lost but glorious past; and it was a dream shared by many of the denizens of the League.

As with many on Myrea Prime, Hale's personal hopes for a fabled civilized era were made tangible with the supposed return of a lost Primarch. 

[//Alexander Hale, preaching at the Gates of Eternity, Myrea+]

It is believed Hale was a native of Myrea, the heart of the Myrean league. Various sources point in other directions, but both his own writing and corroborating events seem to confirm this. 

At the time the Primarch made a clandestine visit the world, Hale was a young man who was already demonstrating a strong sense of justice – and of purpose. Inured in tales of a utopian golden past, together with the Silver Stars' own propaganda, mean that the initial presentations of the Primarch’s heralds completely consumed him. Within several years he and his writing on what the Returned Primarch offered had become well-known throughout the sector. 

From this point onwards, there is mystery as to how he was able to travel the sector so freely, including once the war was consuming it. He most likely must have come from substantial high class, or had well-connected benefactors to allow him to travel at almost constant intervals. He would give lectures, and engage in debates in auditoriums to being seen on the street handing out pamphlets to all levels of society. 

As the war stretched on, he was increasingly seen on the front line of conflicts, particularly those attended by the Forge-Barque's of the Storm Tyrants. Though bearing no military experience or direct authority he was brave, enthusiastic and resourceful, his presence a morale boost to all sympathetic to the Partisan cause. 


Hale’s ultimate fate is unknown. There are stories of his death at several locations, including the breakthrough at Null, the Rust Plateau of Teo Sentimental, and the Towers of Dawn. No matter his fate, his work would continue to inexplicably escape the Edict of Obliteration. His work was held as formative to some of the more philosophical or romantically-minded members that declared the independence of Constantium, millennia later, during the Nova Terra Interregnum. Writings and vid-chips have been found to have reached as far as Corinth and Ichar I.

After millennia, his philosophy of progress has remained a dangerous temptation for those who seek a benevolent promise, an open mind. Those who want to know more.