Dramatis Personae III: Master Enoch of the Ordo Astartes

 [//Master Aramis Enoch+]

[//Allegiance: Ordo Astartes/Pentarchy+]

'You name me monster as easily as you name me visionary. It is by the word of the God-Emperor alone that I will accept the consequences of any such epithet.'
[//extr. The Address to Pythinia+]



A rare native of the quarantined Docks of Ganymede, Aramis Enoch rose to prominence at the height of the Years of Clarity; a period following the Ecclesiarch's seat on the Senatorum Imperialis being made permanent. With a powerful and confident Imperial Church exerting itself across the galaxy, devotion to the God-Emperor – through His Holy Church – was broad, particularly within the Sol system. This indoctrination, combined with a childhood touched by illness and personal tragedy, saw the young Enoch working on shipping routes in his early teens, determined to somehow bypass the quarantine and travel to Terra as pilgrim.

During a leg of his hidden voyage, he departed from Venus – a common staging post prior to transport for Terra – under the dubious stewardship of one of the predatory Cathartes gangs; nothing more than criminals that predated upon unwary pilgrims. Far from finding passage, Enoch found himself serving as household slave to the gang-chief. Biding his time, he somehow effected his escape in a shuttle during a brief layover. Holed and haemorrhaging fuel from the pursuing pirate-craft, Enoch seemed doomed to an eternity in the blackness of space.

The shuttle was inexplicably found some months later, powerless and drifting, in a decaying orbit around Luna. It had seemingly appeared from nowhere; suddenly flagging on close-range sensors. The shuttle was swiftly intercepted and boarded by elements of the Frateris Templar. Enoch was discovered naked, blood-drenched and delirious. Subdued and taken to the local Administratum district for processing, he was intercepted by the Inquisition. Having demonstrated such determination and adaptation in his monomaniacal goal of reaching Terra – and having besides such an unusual voyage – Enoch came to the attention of the eccentric Inquisitor Conn; to whom he was later apprenticed. 

The following years saw Enoch's worldview moulded and refined by the infamous 'Crone Conn'. For his part, the young man eagerly took on the Inquisitrix's frothingly monodominant views. His inherent focus was sharpened by her tutelage into a weapon devoid both of pity and unclouded by his sponsor's colossal arrogance. 

He long claimed to have received a spiritual awakening on the shuttle – an event to which he attributed his miraculous survival. He was fascinated by the ideals of the Frateris Templar, using them as his personal bodyguard and confidantes; though not to the exclusion of others. 

Inquisitor and Master

Possessed of a razor focus and unrelenting in his pursuits, Enoch had become an influentual Inquisitor in his own right by the time of the War of the False Primarch. Pivotal in the later Ganymede clearances, Enoch had become convinced both of humanity's divine right to the galaxy, and of humanity's inherent malleability. 

Far from seeing the latter as an opportunity to effect the former, he preached a radically restricted vision of humankind's future, in which any deviation from his narrowly-defined human norm was treated with opprobium and persecution. Finding a seat within the Ordo Astartes as a method of monitoring them, he was openly dismissive of the Astartes and similar posthumans. He reserved, however, the full weight of his hatred for abhumans; pointing to Ganymede's loss as a result of abhuman technology. That the moon of Jupiter could be reclaimed was his enduring goal – but one that remained incomplete within his lifetime. 

Suspicious of the Astartes – which he saw as a necessary, if distasteful, distortion of the holy form – the rumours of a returned Primarch saw him immediately depart for Terra, in order to requisition forces for a counter-Crusade; seeing the deployment of an 'Army of Humanity' as an opportunity to demonstrate his distorted ideals.

An Inquisitor, even one whose star was ascendant, was likely to have been sidelined or ignored, were it not for the intervention of the High Lords who took up his cause; perhaps seeing a potential pawn in their galaxy-spanning games: the Cardinal of the Synod of Terra, the Eccelesiarch, and the rumoured invovlement by the shadowy Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes.

Enoch's monomania for the manifest destiny of unaltered mankind nevertheless made him an ideal figurehead for the Extinction Armada even then massing in the skies of Terra. Self-aware enough to accept his shortcomings as strategist and warrior, he gathered the Sol System's best and brightest to advise and direct the untrammelled might of the High Lords of Terra.

In truth, his fanatical nature made him both unwavering and largely disposable: an excellent combination for the High Lords. Their ongoing internal conflicts over what to do with the rumours of a Primarch would be bought time as the firebrand made his mark on the turbulent Sectors; while all the time cooler heads – such as Inquisitor Leong-Cassar – worked to stabilise the broader Segmentum. 



Enoch was a feared and cruel tyrant; whose fractured and disturbed mind brought needless suffering and conflict wherever he went. Infamous in the region, he was nevertheless largely lauded by the forces under his command for his force of will. In the benighted times of the War of the False Primarch, perhaps it was only a madman who could have brought the colossal, diamond-hard certainty and self-assurance to consciously oppose a potential Primarch.

His written views and comments on Volnoscere himself are largely unpublishable, so full of invective that they read more as frothing diatribes than a genuine attempt at critique. His powerful oratory, however, was much-admired by the Orthodoxy, and it is from his lips that the term 'Abomination' was coined for the lord of the Silver Stars; the 'False Primarch' himself.